Carpenter Ants and Carpenter Bees

These insects aren't the first to come to mind when homeowners think of wood destroying insects but Carpenter Ants and Carpenter Bees are very destructive. Carpenter Ants are very comfortable establishing their colony outdoor but when the conditions are right, they will establish a secondary colony inside. This location will most likely have a moisture problem that makes it suitable for the secondary colony to thrive inside. One sign that Carpenter Ants might be the issue will be the grainy sawdust that will appears in areas where they have created exit holes. This sawdust may also have evidence of broken body parts from injured ants.

Carpenter Bees are seasonal and most active in Stafford and Fairfax, VA between May and September. They tend to bore holes into deck hand rails, beams, and deck posts as well as eaves and fences. The damage by Carpenter Bees can be very extensive and expensive. The sawdust created by Carpenter Bees is very fine and powdery. If you have concerns with any of these wood destroying insects, call Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions to have a professional inspect and develop a maintenance program to protect your home.