You Need Our Expertise To Handle Persistent Pests

You Need Our Expertise To Handle Persistent Pests

Our Experience Is Your Guarantee of a Pest-Free Home

We consider specialty pests to be insects such as bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, hornets, yellow jackets and ticks. In the Stafford & Fairfax, Virginia area, each of these types of pests requires a specific type of treatment that we can apply.

In our experience, bed bugs are a common problem for our Stafford and Fairfax, Virginia customers, and we know how to handle the problem thoroughly. For bed bug problems that do not involve rooms the family uses regularly, the family can remain during the treatment. But the products we use to get rid of bed bugs cannot be disturbed, which means that the family has to leave the home if we have to treat every room, or rooms that are often used.

If your Stafford or Farifax area home is under siege by mosquitoes, we will treat the exterior of the home to make sure they never come back. Specialty pests can be very persistent, and it often requires unique tactics to get rid of these infestations.

Give us a call today to find out how we can rid your home of pests and keep it safe from future insect intruders.