Give Us A Call Before Pests Eat You Out Of House And Home

Give Us A Call Before Pests Eat You Out Of House And Home

We Have The Tools Needed To Stop Wood Destroying Insects

In the Stafford and Fairfax, Virginia area, wood destroying pests can be dangerous. We take these pests seriously.

We have custom solutions for carpenter bees, carpenter ants and termites. Carpenter bees start showing up in the Stafford, Virginia area in April and remain until September. During that time they will start to bore into the soft woods in your home, such as deck posts. We dust the areas where these bees are active with a topical treatment, after which you will see a 90 to 95 percent reduction in carpenter bee activity. We repeat this treatment each month to make sure the problem is taken care of completely.

For the carpenter ants that can be found in the Stafford and Fairfax area we have a one-time treatment that comes with a 60-day guarantee for interior and exterior results. Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions also offers an exclusive liquid treatment for termites made by a company called BAFF. We are a certified BAFF representative, and we'll use this treatment to rid your home of termites before they can do extensive damage.

You and your family don't have to leave your home when we treat for wood eating pests, but you do need to give us a call right now. The longer you wait to have this problem taken care of, the more expensive it's likely to get.